Indestructible Structures with Liquid Armour Protective Coating

Bricks being coated with Liquid Armour protective coating. It is the most advanced spray-applied coating and is touch-dry in LESS THAN 10 SECONDS. The coating is then immediately striking with the sledgehammer.

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Four Elements That Make Protective Coatings Perform Better

Liquid ArmourProtective coatings play a vital role in ensuring security and safely of flooring in industries and manufacturing units. These industrial coatings prevent natural erosion on concrete flooring and protect them from daily wear and tear caused by manufacturing, chemical spills, excessive heat etc. But protective coating can help only when this is of the best quality with a right ratio of different elements. There needs to be a perfect balance of four elements to help industrial protective coating perform better and last long. Given below are the elements, you need to check when looking for the best protective coating:


A wide range of organic and inorganic pigments is used to color protective coatings. Apart from producing color, pigments also have protective feature making them perfect for commercial and industrial appliances. While buying protective coating for your manufacturing unit, confirm with the seller that they comply with environmental rules and regulations while using pigments.


Binders work as adhesive in the industrial protective coating, which helps in improved chemical bonding between the components of the paint film. Majorly acrylic, urethane and epoxy binders are used in coatings to ensure durability, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, elasticity, and strength. While investing in the industrial protective coating, you should not only check the amount of binder but also the type of binder used to get maximum benefit for a longer period.


The solvent is an essential element in industrial coatings. These reduce the viscosity of the products making application easy and better. Usually, water or organic solvents are used in industrial coatings that evaporate into the environment to allow other ingredients to harden into a smooth film. You should first analyze your requirements and based on this decide whether you need protective coating made of water solvent or organic solvent.


Additives help protective coatings fit specific projects. Generally, industrial coating providers use coating systems with specific additives based on client requirements. The options are given by them include:

  • Silicone for outdoor components such as storage tanks, pipes etc.
  • Rheology modifiers to enhance durability
  • Fungicides and algaecides to protect surfaces against mildew and mold deposits
  • Surfactants to promote adhesion

Understanding the importance of industrial protective coating manufacturer constantly develop different techniques and combinations to make them last longer, perform better and ensure the safety of the areas where these are applied. Make sure you check the combination of all the elements and their quality as well to get the best result.

Axalta Launches New High Performance, Protective Industrial Rail Car Coatings

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Axalta Coating Systems (NYSE: AXTA) announced its new collection of Tufcote™ Protective Rail Car coatings that are formulated to meet the needs of the industrial rail car and transportation industry. The product line includes easy-to-apply, high-build coatings that deliver superior protection when applied to properly prepared substrates.

“Railcar and transportation maintenance structures are constructed to last and need a tough, durable finish to ensure their sturdy build stays intact,” said Michael Heineman, Axalta’s Vice President of Rail and High-Performance Coatings. “Our new Tufcote line’s formulations and field-proven technologies yield lasting results, improving the durability, protection, and aesthetics of these substrates over time.”

Axalta’s expansion into the industrial railcar segment provides the industry with cost-effective products that are designed to protect rail assets and transportation equipment from chemical and corrosion damage, weathering, and chipping, while still maintaining a beautiful finish. Tufcote protective coatings are ideal for use on railcars, steel storage tanks, and heavy equipment. Read more

Zinc Clad® 4100 Epoxy Coating is Suitable for Blasted Steel

Zinc Clad® 4100 Epoxy Coating comes with self-healing properties and helps to reduce the need for sweat-in time. The unit is suitable for bridge and highway structures, stadiums and sports complexes, steel fabrication shops, piping, barges and ships, drilling rigs, and refineries applications. Product features recoat time below 30 minutes and come in a user-friendly package.


Zinc Clad® 4100 enhances project efficiencies in both the shop and the field

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has launched Zinc Clad® 4100, a new high-solids coating featuring recoat times as short as 30 minutes, which allows for accelerated shop throughput, enhanced project schedules, and fast field project turnarounds. Providing further efficiencies, the three-component, organic zinc-rich epoxy coating eliminates the need for sweat-in time. In addition, its user-friendly packaging allows applicators to mix components directly in the Part A container for faster and more accurate mixing.

Designed for use over properly prepared blasted steel, the organic zinc-rich primer delivers outstanding application properties and excellent performance in the field. For example, Zinc Clad 4100 provides cathodic protection to reduce corrosion potential in the event of the steel substrate being exposed due to coating damage. In addition, the coating exhibits self-healing properties if it becomes damaged. Read more

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A Company Dedicated to Safeguard World’s Future

Protective CoatingThe rise of international terrorism, violent crime, and political instability has rendered security and military personnel more vulnerable than ever, and the need for better protection is more than obvious. Operations in densely populated urban zones are especially dangerous in terms of small arms fire and improvised explosive devices. The defense industry is facing a dictum to enhance effective protections for officers and soldiers operating in sensitive areas, and that can be done only by supplying the front line troops with superior equipment.

With multidisciplinary expertise, long experience in the field and state-of-the-art production facilities in the USA, UAE, and Turkey, Liquid Armor is a company well-equipped to tackle the global security challenges that have been increasing in recent years. It understands the needs of the market very well and invests a lot of effort into research of advanced defensive solutions. The company has a mission to help make this world a safer place through boosting the protection for those charged with keeping the peace, and it spares no effort to come as close to this ideal as possible.

Liquid Armor’s teams of scientists are continuously testing new, more durable and more eco-friendly materials that can be used to produce military body armor vests and many other pieces of high-grade equipment. Each item is designed with full attention to detail, so its features are well balanced and suitable for professional use. As a certified PASGT helmet manufacturer and one of the best-regarded suppliers of Kevlar vests, the Liquid Armor learned valuable lessons and is applying them to its own research and development process. Defense equipment produced in this way is highly sought after in the market due to its dependability, as well as other practical advantages.

By staying ahead of the schedule when it comes to innovative product design, the company and its primary brand Hard Shell have built a strong reputation in the security circles. This reputation has to be maintained, so the company is dedicated to launching as many new high-end security products as possible every year. Using the results of meticulous testing and direct experience from field use, it is capable of gradually raising the industry standards and introducing high-performance protective equipment of the latest generation. Liquid Armor continues to serve governmental and corporate clients with the same passion as when it first started since its mission only becomes more essential in the modern world.